All you need to know about domains and sub-domains

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Don’t you hate it when setting up your Power Lead System or Super Affiliate Network and you have to buy a  “domain” or “sub-domain” and have no idea what they are?

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Keep Rowing

Rowing. It takes a lot of effort. You only have a general idea of where you are going because you are looking backwards. It’s far easier if you have someone on-board who can point you in the right direction.

If you want to achieve something – start rowing and get someone you trust in the boat with you!

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Scam or Not?

Is it a Scam?

I’ve done loads of get rich quick schemes, the vast majority of which were scams. I don’t promote anything that’s a  scam. I don’t like to review individual services because most reviews themselves are scams and I don’t want to be lumped into that category by association.

I thought it might be useful to group the different types of get rich quick scheme and give my opinion on them.

Bitcoin Schemes – avoid all of them at all costs.

Bitcoin is not a scam and neither is Bitcoin trading but trading requires skill and patience (and nerves of steel) and is definitely not something you can pick up and have a go at and be a millionaire next week.

There are some good trading courses but they teach trading as a way to gain a steady income, not being a millionaire overnight

Betfair trading

Any form of trading is not normally a scam but the companies that supposedly give you the ability to trade often are. Betfair is a good guy. Their site is great and Betfair trading is absolutely not a scam.

However, every method of Betfair trading I have tried requires skill. You have to be able to give yourself an advantage in whichever sport you are trading in, and learning how to determine that advantage is what you need to do.

Avoid any scheme that claims to make you rich overnight but go ahead with any where the scheme provider is basically offering to train you in how to gain the advantage. There are various football traders and horse racing traders who do this, a bit like a good curry shop, try a few until you find someone that “gels” with you.

Geek’s Toy and Bet Angel

These are tools. Pure and simple. I happen to use Geek’s Toy but it will not make you rich. Betfair trading could make you rich, and these tools make trading on Betfair much easier, but the tool itself will not do anything to make you rich. Learn how Betfair Trading works before buying these tools.

Horse Tipping services

There are services that rate horse tippers. I have tried numerous horse tippers at the top of the charts, so to speak, and I have yet to find one that actually made me a profit worth talking about. I just avoid them plain and simple, whether they are at the top of tipster tables or not.

Football Trading

This is where you derive advantage from football matches and basically create arbitrages. So, for instance if a team have short odds (say 1.4) but the opposing team scores, then those odds lengthen (say to 3.5 by the end of the game). You wait as long as you dare and lay the currently winning team because you know they are so much worse that than the short odds team. When the short odds team eventually score then its odds drop back down to 1.4 and you back at that price, creating an arbitrage of 1.4 and 3.5.

It’s gambling and it’s a skill, there are loads of information resources you can use to make better decisions but ultimately it is gambling. If you have no idea what I am talking about then don’t even think about trading until you do.

Learn how to do football trading properly before starting and make sure you have a rigid staking plan. Again it’s slow and steady, not millionaire overnight.

Internet Marketing Schemes

Avoid any that promise you millions overnight. Stick with services that offer you a ready made sales funnel and back end system so you can start to generate income but make sure they have a good set of training on the principles of internet marketing so you can also sell your own goods and services. If they don’t have the training but you like the back-end then find a separate training service.

Whatever you do, do not believe internet marketing is a licence to print money. It is hard work if you intend to do it as your main income.

Matched Betting

Absolutely genuine and the only scheme I have come across that absolutely guarantees you profit within just a few hours. Unfortunately this is only available in the UK because we have more relaxed gambling laws than most other countries. If you are UK based, over 18 and strapped for cash then matched betting is for you.

The Secret/Law of Attraction

Some people like to express an idea and use words like “law” and “secret”. If someone is using these terms as a kind of catch-all for an idea they have then that’s just normal human expression and those people are generally ok, take their advice or leave it. So for instance someone might tell you “that if you smile then people smile back – it’s a universal law” or “if you are positive then other people see that and probably react more positively to you – it’s the law of attraction”.

But The Secret itself, and actual scientific claims of laws of attraction are utter bollocks. Avoids the book/film or whatever, avoid giving them any money.

Don’t confuse this with following people that have made money. It’s a great tactic to find someone you like, read what they do and then copy it.

Binary options/CFD trading

Again this is a form of trading that is gambling. It’s almost the same as Betfair trading but on which way the stock exchange or Forex is going to move. You need skill and an awareness of the market. It is impossible to predict the market at such a micro level.

Binary options trading in and of itself is not a scam. Many companies that provide it are scammers though, providing systems that pretend to train you in the real market but are using false data, not paying out winnings etc. Find a good broker and do a lot of training beforehand.

Avoid every “binary options robot” or market prediction tool. None of them work, they make claims that are impossible to keep and once signed up you will receive spam like it’s the 90s again.

Beating the slot machines

I can beat online slot machines so I know it’s possible. But you cannot beat any slot machine without a free offer. Any claims that a particular device can make you beat a machine is utter bollocks and one to avoid.

Beating slots is a long term game where you need a decent gambling bank of money and you must have a free offer to use, and patience.

You cannot beat pub slot machines, it’s impossible. They are just for fun after a few pints.

Beating bingo

Exactly the same as slot machines

Beating roulette and blackjack

Any scheme claiming to beat these games is garbage, it’s impossible to beat them.

However, it is possible to reduce your losses through various staking schemes. These are usually genuine and down to personal preference. One I know does not work is the Fibonacci Sequence, good in principle but when you hit a load of losing runs and are staking thousands just to get a tenner back you have to ask yourself what the hell you are doing. Stick to matched betting instead.

Real-world marketing schemes where you get commission for selling product

A con, all of them. I am not talking about being a genuine distributor of real world products where you get profit on each sale.  I am talking about  when you buy stock and get commission on down-line sales, aka pyramid schemes. Just avoid them like the plague.

Credit cards

Not a betting scheme but they have ruined my life in the past. Avoid credit cards like the plague.

Payday loans

Literally the work of the devil. They should be illegal in my view. If you have one then do some matched betting and get it paid off in a couple of months.

Balancing a 20p on a lemon

Impossible – but it’s for charity so try it with a pound coin a couple of times instead.

The National Lottery

You will never win. Use the money to build a business instead, or give it to charity.

Scam reviews

Most scam reviewers are scammers that are bad-mouthing one scam and providing you with links to their “definitely-not-a-scam” product, which is normally a scam.

Millionaire Blueprint/The Brit-Ausy-wherever-you-live-method

You can hire the so called winners that use the software as actors on Work it out for yourself. All this kind of thing is a scam.



So there you go. My opinion on it all after having fun* actually trying or heavily researching them. If I’ve missed anything let me know because I have likely tried it.

Just to re-iterate I will only ever recommend things that I use myself and know are not a scam. I could not bare it if a family member did something I recommended and lost money because it’s a scam.

I do matched betting so I know it’s not a scam. (In fact it forms a very important part of my income.)

I use the Six Figure Mentors so I know they are not a scam. (Their training is second to none, but expensive.)

I use Sticky Password so I know it’s not a scam. (I save more in time not pissing about with passwords than it costs.)

I use the Power lead System so I know it’s not a scam. (I haven’t found a better way of generating and following up leads.)

I do Betfair trading using Geek’s Toy so I know it’s not a scam in and of itself. (I make money out of Betfair trading but it means sitting watching horses or football for hours and that doesn’t appeal to me.)

I beat the slots regularly so I know beating them is not a scam. (I have earned over £1000 over the last year. But it is a slow-burn thing and you must have free offers to use.)


Have fun,


*yes, I really do have fun trying them, I don’t know why!

Password Management

Internet security is a bit of a bugbear of mine.

We all hear, every day almost, about how our details are being stolen and all our money being spent by some bloke in the mafia in Albania. The thing is, the solution to the vast majority of internet security problems is so stunningly simple it angers me that people get caught out.

To draw a health comparison, there is a very simple way to stop infectious diseases from spreading. Admittedly you won’t ever stop it all, but infection rates of the most common diseases (such as the common cold) can be reduced significantly with one simple, easy to follow, technique.

Sneeze into a hanky. Wash your hands with soap after you sneeze or use some antibacterial hand cream. The key point is “with soap”. Washing your hands without soap is the same as not washing your hands.

When I go to the toilet in a public convenience I would wager that 95% of men do not wash their hands. Of the other 5%, 4% don’t use soap. I regularly see blokes have a poo and not wash their hands in the pub.

I would say, off the top of my head, 99.9999999% of people in Britain sneeze either fully into the open or into their bare hands. They could use the simple technique of using a hanky, or sneezing into their sleeve (as advised in Canada) but no, they choose the two best ways to spread disease. Sneezing into your hands does virtually nothing to stop the airborne particulates (I think that’s a word) but also guarantees that your hands are full of germs that you will spread on everything you touch.

Coming back to the point, the solution to the majority of security issues is to use a different complicated password for every system you use. Simple.

Do that and the amount of fraud on your accounts virtually disappears. It would be even better if you could use pass-phrases but most systems don’t allow it.

Obviously making up and remembering loads of passwords is a problem. But when you get your accounts taken over you suddenly realize it wasn’t quite as big as the problem you have to deal with at that point.

It’s easy to solve, just buy a password manager. It will generate passwords for you, it will store them securely in a manner that no-one can ever read, it will even fill the passwords in for you and automatically log in to whatever system you need to log in to.

The only passwords you actually need to remember are the ones you need to log into Windows 10 or Mac OS or whatever.

There are tons of password managers and you probably know I recommend Sticky Password because it is very easy to use and can share passwords across all your devices (iOS, Android etc.). I have also secured a 50% discount on it for you.

But if that doesn’t float your boat try Passpack – an online system that means your passwords are available everywhere (it doesn’t manage to log you in automatically or generate passwords as conveniently as Sticky Password,  but it’s a good option).

Whatever you do take the simple step of getting a password manager and stop almost any chance of having your accounts stolen.




How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

Another one of those times when the head-monster decides to strike, so there I was just a few minutes ago surfing the web and I found this amazing TED presentation.

I have given hundreds of PowerPoint presentations and this short video has changed everything about how I will design them in future.

This is an example of training and learning in the things you are good at (mentioned in my last post). I give presentations; David JP Phillips has some amazing advice; I learn it and when I get back to work I will teach others.

If you ever give PowerPoint  presentations then give this a watch.




Man Utd train every day

My primary skills are in IT programme management. Like many of my peers I have crawled my way up from PC engineer through practically every area of IT you can think of. I’m now a million miles from the flashing lights on boxes that I love so much.

I know I post here a lot about my hobbies (at the minute internet marketing) and the importance of learning and teaching and usually follow it up with a quick link to a training course or other. But I think it’s really, really important.

There is so much to do on this earth and being an atheist I know I’ve only got one shot. No I’m not perfect (check my weight for a start) but learning is so much fun that I can’t imagine ever stopping.

I’ve tried to learn Spanish; Italian; Japanese (including reading it); the piano; the guitar; music production; how to release a record; video game design; writing and releasing a video game (Allen Attack); programming (pascal, C, C++, JAVA, Visual Basic, Python); all operating systems (Jolicloud anyone?); how gravity works; ancient history; chemistry (well, how chemicals work); how to build my own computer from scratch (i.e. diode logic); MIDI and MIDI controllers; sound; Google advertising; Facebook advertising; Blogging; Web design (I learned HTML 1 {ONE I tells ya!}); databases; UML; how to control anxiety (more of a necessity than a hobby); arcade game repair; simple electronics; odds and gambling so I never lose, how to outsource small jobs (I had a video game written) and that cup stacking thingy.

That was all in my spare time and just the things I can think of right now. I’m no good at any of it but it’s fun, lots and lots of fun.

It’s even more important though to continually learn in what you are good at. People get complacent and think they don’t need training. Well, read the title of this article.

For me that’s IT programme management (that’s the proper way to spell it. Damn you Mr Webster!). You don’t need a £2000 professional course to continually learn. I learn mostly off others and from books. A recent project manager in my team was from a clinical background, not an IT one, and her perspective really made me think hard about some things that are standard practice in the PM world.

Two books that I read over and over are:

book pic

I think PRINCE 2 is the best project management system there is. There has been a kind of a VHS/BetaMax argument in the project world over the last few years with a new kid on on the block (AGILE) stepping in on the action (actually it’s not new but used more now that ever before as I remember).

The only way I can prove that PRINCE 2 is the best is to learn the others! So I did this:

book 2

And also checked out Trello, ZOHO and WRIKE for modern day alternatives to good old fashioned GANTT charts. I actually used those systems when doing the learning I mentioned earlier. Need to learn Google advertising? Let’s plan it out!

I still think PRINCE 2 is the best and I still think waterfall development is the best but learning the others gives a fresh perspective and I can add good bits of everything together.

That’s the importance of learning, fresh ideas, changing and adapting. It saves you from getting bored and makes everything fun.

I appreciate all that a million times more now because of this f&cking anxiety. The head-monster that makes me get up and write a wittering blogcast (I just invented that word) with made up words in it because 5 people in my head are arguing about 200 things all of which end up in catastrophe.

I find it hard to find the fun any more, but I do understand that education is key to everything. Never stop learning. Learn anything. Learn about global warming, learn about other religions, learn where McDonald’s burgers really come from and what they are really made of (locally produced high quality beef!). Learn what GPS really is. Learn why Trump won. Learn how a printer works (I still don’t get it, definitely magic or cheeky little monkeys). Learn what encryption is. Learn how to stop your dog barking. learn the best way to stop pop losing its fizz.

It doesn’t matter what you learn. Just learn.

And even more importantly than that, teach what you learn.

For instance – do you know what I learned the other day? It came about because I nearly missed a doctor’s appointment that was in the next week of a 7 day calendar. “Eh?” I hear you say, well because it was in the next week it wasn’t on my screen and by the time it got on my screen (i.e. Monday morning) the appointment was right then.

So I learned how to make the current day always the left-most day in Microsoft Outlook (my go-to software) and I can always see 6 days into the future.

It was important that I learned that but if I don’t teach what to do then the knowledge goes no-where and that’s why teaching is so important. Hundreds of people carry on missing appointments and if they just knew how to make the current day always the first day of the week it would save hours and hours of unnecessary journeys, arguments over cancelled meetings and basically create world peace. (However, for me it’s the key knowledge that will allow all my peers to be better than me and I will get sacked and the kids will die of hunger and I will jump off a bridge and see the worms eating my eyes as I decompose.)

But I know, after reading this, that many of you are now gagging to know how I did it. But you  know that I have learned internet marketing.

So just sign up to my list and I’ll email you this one simple trick to get world peace!

Boost your bank! England vs. Malta

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